Thursday, July 21, 2011

Haiti - Day 4

June 21, 2011

Good morning, Haiti! 6am again. I slept well. While I was waiting on the bathroom this morning, I got about 15 mosquito bites. Other than that, I haven't seen mosquitoes at all.

You should see the children's legs. They have so many round scars from mosquito bites presumably. It's only some of the children and I'm assuming that is what has caused the scars.

Today, we are going back to the school to play with the kids, do a food distribution and then to the orphanage.

I want to hear your voice today, Lord. I want to silence my own and hear Yours.

Did I write yesterday about the teenage girl that tried to take my wedding band? I didn't wear my engagement here to Haiti at all, but I've been wearing my band.

There was a guy, Carl, yesterday that talked to us about his experience in the earthquake. They all want to tell you about their experience. It was such a frightening time. I think about the fear of the children. He also talked about voodoo here in Haiti and zombification. People will see someone walking around and speak to them, though they've been dead for years. There are markers to show that one has been seen there and if you touch it, you will lose your soul, so they believe.

Here is his story.

My stomach is really jacked up this morning. I dreamed that I stood under the water in the shower for a long time, then realized I had let the water run so long. You think I miss the shower? Or I haven't let go of home? :) God is good! I'm off to attempt getting dressed. I'm so thankful I brought so many skirts. We are having to wear them daily.
(Side note: When we showered, we had to let the water trickle over us to get wet, then turn it off. We soaped up, then turned the trickle back on to rinse off.)

They have a water tank in each house that gets filled whenever it's empty. It was empty this morning. They are still filling it. There is a black hose running from the house across the street to the roof here. It's a new hose (wasn't there yesterday) and it is noisy so I'm assuming that is water. Toilet motto: If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down and NEVER put toilet paper in the toilet. I wonder though, but I'm afraid to ask those that know, where do those of us that know better put our garbage bags? There is no common dump or garbage truck. All we can do is what the others do, throw it in the streets or under the bridge. I wonder if we're doing the same.

Psalm 75:7 He putteth down one, and setteth up another.

Promotion, acknowledgement, recognition, demotion, putting one in their place - it all comes not from here or there but from God. He exalts and He brings low. He will show some their path, and others He will just lead. In that, if I'm to stay involved with Haiti it's not for me to say or to guess, it's for God to do and only God.
We went back to the school today. We (23 of us) played games with the children. A few of us put together food distribution bags. Five of the entire team sponsored a child at Pastor Phillipe's school. They are orphans since the earthquake, so they needed someone to pay for their education and uniforms. Those that sponsored children have been on cloud nine since then. I feel bad that I wasn't one of the five, but strangely, I didn't feel led at all. I'm waiting. Maybe it's just not my time.

Putting together bags of beans and rice


Rony leading the children in a song.

Girls jumping rope on their playground

I love the translators. Watson is awesome at telling you what you don't know without having to ask. Rony is thoughtful. I haven't worked with the others yet but they've been awesome!
Oh where to start! We had worship after lunch and God moved in such amazing ways. I don't know if I can write tonight. I'm not too much in the mood. I got a heart for Haiti during worship. God was moving! We sang so amazing and worshipped with our whole hearts. Seems there has been a shift today. God is good!

We went back to the church for the Women's Bible study and five of the leaders shared their testimony. Then five of the Haitian women shared their testimony. Many of the women there were women that we'd met yesterday on the prayer walk. It was cool to watch all of that come full circle. The testimonies were great. Maybe I'll talk a little more about them later. It was a great time of ministry.

View from the stairs of the church

The smell right now, as I lay here on the balcony is atrocious. That is one thing. You can never escape the smell.

Deb called a cadence on the way to church tonight. I'll have to get it in the morning. Everyone is ready for sleep right now and waiting on me. It was a good day to be alive in Haiti.

I want to remember certain people:
Evanson - boy at school who sat beside me and asked my name in English. Then I asked his. Then he looked at me and said, "You my friend?" He was a cool kid. He made everyone feel special.
Emmanuel - one woman's husband that we prayed for yesterday. He doesn't know Christ.
DJ - a missionary girl I've had the privilege of meeting and hearing portions of her amazing story
Hearts United with Haiti - an organization that I want to look into

OK, off to bed. I miss home! I love you Migc, Kristen, Jaden and Kara. Sleep tight. See you soon! I love you! Good night, babe. I love you!

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