Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haiti - Day 1

I've been horrible at updating my blog. Not at all how I intended! I'm sorry for that! I think what I'm going to do is give you a day-by-day snapshot. I kept a journal while I was gone and I think I'll copy it here, along with *some* (I took almost 300) pictures for that given day.

June 18, 2011

I'm on the flight to Miami, then an hour later, on to Port-au-Prince. Justin and I were up at 2am and at the airport in Wichita by 4:30am. God is good! We made our connecting flight in Chicago by mere minutes, having run to catch it. I suppose Miami will be the same. I have to pee something terrible and I feel a headache coming on. In just a few short hours, I'll see things I've never seen. I expect God to move. His hand on these flights has been tangible. I'm not missing home or the kids yet. I suppose it hasn't quite sunk in yet.
In 30 minutes, we touch down in Haiti. Miami was pretty uneventful and easy but no downtime. I just filled out my paperwork for entry into the country. I've cried several times during this flight, which I didn't expect! I cried on the phone with everyone as we were pulling away from the gate and it's been off and on ever since. I just thumbed through a few pictures on my phone and cried when I got to Justin's.

Haiti is going to be amazing. I'm bummed that I'm in an isle seat and not able to see out the window. This plane is FULL of missionaries. It's AMAZING! I wish we'd break out in worship. What a sweet sound that would be. We're descending!!!!
What a day! What a day! Babe, this would blow your mind! We were met by these average, non-dressed up guys, Steve and Marcio. We made it safely, on time and with all our luggage. A-MAZING!!! We hopped on a school bus and drove through things your mind cannot comprehend. I'm amazed that you cannot hardly see the rumble due to normal living conditions. There is trash everywhere. Pigs walking the streets. People everywhere mostly standing around with nothing to do or trying to sell something.

We drove in our "gated community". hahahahahahahahahahahahaha There is a gate that people randomly come in and out of, but why mess with the gate when you can hop roofs, which is where I am now and going to sleep. The one room they've given us to sleep in is sooooo hot. I cannot breathe in there. I'm sleeping under the Haitian stars for the remainder of the this trip.

It's cool. It's awesome! We had a fantastic time of worship. It was better than I'd envisioned. All of this is really. It's all so amazing and God is going to do amazing things.

Right now, I'm laying on the roof, writing by flashlight and I can hear the people next door talking on their roof and the one behind us. So crazy!

And, I am unbelievably tired and off to sleep.

Good night, babies. Sweet dreams. See you soon. I love you!

I love you, babe. Sweet dreams. Dreams about me. Good night.

Goodnight Haiti.
Haiti from the plane

The bus we rode. We were already so hot! The humidity is unbearable! I've never sweat so much in my entire life! And, the airport experience was a bit scary!

The first of many tent cities we would see.


These are businesses along the road the first day.


Trash among homes and along the road.

Haiti is a beautiful country! Do you see the building on the right side? I noticed that the buildings that are being rebuilt, seem to be rebuilt like this, with bricks and poorly sealed. There are lots of holes in the cement/grout mix holding them together. Doesn't look safe or sturdy.

This was the room, we thought we were going to have to sleep in. HOT!

View from the roof. The edge that you see was the edge of our roof. Next to it was another home. You could literally jump from roof to roof.

This is not a good picture of the hole, but we had to climb through this hole to get on and off the roof. It was small and difficult to climb through. There were nails poking out at us too! This is also the roof we slept on.

The neighbors.
The stairs up to the roof. They were very slick and no rail to hold onto. A member of our team fell the first night. Once the owner finishes the property, it will be a nice home!

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