Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haiti - Day 3

June 20, 2011

Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I change not.

He has always been the same God, even in Haiti. In Haiti, God has always been God. I sit here on the balcony, looking toward the mountains. I hear talking amongst the houses and water in the streets, birds chirping and roosters crowing. There are beautiful green trees everywhere and smells you can rarely decipher. Right now, because it's breakfast time, I assume it's food that I smell. Jesus is here, walking the streets in the midst of a people that desperately need Him. You shook their earth, Lord, now shake their hearts. May we be Your hands and feet in these streets today. I keep picturing Jesus walking through these streets with a friendly smile and healing hand.

Last night, sleep was good. It rained most of the night and a big storm hit again during the night. I think I'm the only one that heard it, but I also got rained on a bit. My guts feel better this morning, for that I'm thankful! I'm thankful to be alive and safe in Haiti this morning. God is good!

Storm rolling in. The storms were amazing! In Kansas, we are pretty proud of our storms. Not anywhere near as amazing as storms in Haiti!

We're all in skirts. All of our piercings are out. No make-up. We look better than we feel. :) I don't want to complain. I want to magnify God.

Babe, I wish you could experience this right here! A motorcycle going by with amazing, Gospel-sounding music that you can hear a block away. A boy singing. A rooster crowing. People in their homes and on the streets singing. Feet shuffling. The noises of Haiti surround me and I wish I could share this with you. I wish you were here. Please come with me and help with Haiti. You would love the people.They would love you. I can see you here. I want to come back. I want us all to come back here and make Haiti our second home.
Just back from Vacation Bible School. It was rad. We sang songs, played Simon Says, colored pages, played games and talked with the children. It was fun. We sweat so much. Fun stuff!

I have a coke in my possession. I need a P38 babe! :) Miss you!

The squalor is disgusting. We went over a bridge and the river was full of trash and sewage, and there were pigs, even a large one that laid there looking dead.

This is the bridge of death. Can you see the pig? I think they counted like 8 pigs one day. We walked this bridge at least two times every day.

The smell was horrendous. Those are people's homes you can see.

Can you see the actual bridge? It was made of a thin metal and there were lots of holes. It was scary to walk across! The leaders said that if we fell, no one was coming to get us!

It seems impossible not to stay hydrated. I drink and sweat all day long.

It's Monday night and I'm full of extremely mixed emotions. I love Haiti and the people and ... but I want to go home. I miss my family so much. As we met this woman and her daughter, her baby poked her head out of the door. She was Kara. I got tears right then. As I met a 8 year old, it reminded me of Kristen. As I washed the dishes, the girl that helps asked how I was doing and I mentioned that I missed my family and I couldn't hold the tears back. I want to kiss Jaden and have Migc hanging around. I miss them so much I can barely stand it.

I also had to take my nose ring out today for ministry with the church, and I can't get it back in. That just really bothers me right now. I'm angry I had to give that up.

I'm also starting to feel my introversion kicking in. there is no way to get away here. You are never, ever more than 1 1/2 feet from someone else. Never! Even in the bathroom, you have about 1 minute because 22 other people could be waiting. There is no escape.


After lunch, we went on a prayer walk. A woman from the church led us from Christian friend to Christian friend. We did get to talk to some awesome people and pray for some real needs. I really just don't feel like writing about it. How dumb is that?

The children would randomly yell out "blanc" as we walked by...just in case everyone hadn't noticed the white people. :) The children loved Camille! It was cool to watch the group flock to her!

Amber and Zach sat in a woman's home that we prayed for. She made clothes to sell, but found that she didn't have any people to buy them. We heard her testimony the next evening at the Woman's Bible Study. Also, at her home, we got to pray and talk with some college students that were living with her.

A street that we walked daily. We constantly dodged puddles.
I'm in Haiti. God is faithful and there is work to do. God has a hope and future for this land. Lord, heal this land!

It's 10:18. I've been up since before 6am. My children are in bed. My husband is watching TV with my mom. I'm here on a cot, listening to an amazing church service downstairs in a different language. It doesn't smell like garbage or stale body odor right now, so praise God for that. I'm off to read. Everyone is going to sleep. I'm not ready.

Lord reign!

Good night babies. I love you more than life itself. Good night babe. Life isn't life without you!

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