Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things Are Happening!

Oh the excitement!!!

Alo! That’s hello is Haitian! I’ve started learning the language. It is really tough to do in the middle of the night when you are super tired. It’s a pretty cool language though. It’s a French and Creole combination. Really, to me, some words are very French, like “bonjou” for good morning, and other words are pigeon-English to me, like “alo” for hello.

I’ve also started getting information on donations I’ve received. I’m not quite half there, so if you thought, “oh shoot, I didn’t get it in time.” You can still send it in! *smile* God is good and what I have received already is a HUGE blessing!

The best news though….

Oh yeah, baby! That’s my passport!!!

I still have prayer requests though! I’m a bit worried about my little ones. They are used to having Mama around and six days just might be a long time for them. Daddy will be home with them and he’ll do awesome…I’m still worried about them though. If you could pray for them, along with the mission we’ll be doing in Haiti and the finances, I’d be eternally grateful!!! <3