Sunday, July 3, 2011

Haiti - Day 2

June 19, 2011

What a fantastic way to wake up! Good morning, Haiti! It's 5am. Fully light and the roosters are crowing everywhere!

My mild headache yesterday turning into a killer one that kept me awake in pain until 1:30am when I finally got Excedrin from Amber. I'm kicking myself for not having done it sooner because the next 3 1/2 hours were full of beautiful sleep.

All night long, there was music and endless dog barking. After Excedrin, my body did not care and enjoyed the lullaby.

The smell of food, delicious food, surrounding me.

I'm off to do quiet time and get ready for 7:30 church service. Bring it, God! :)

Ecclesiastes 7:16 Be not righteous over much, neither make thyself over wise: Why shouldest thou destroy thyself.
-Don't get too much because you will fall because of your lack of humility. Humble yourself and know that you are a sinner saved by grace.
We've been moved. The other house wasn't what the owner had agreed to provide, so they've moved us. For one thing, the plumbing didn't work. Not fun! We're waiting for the other team to return from church before we can "move in", so we haven't seen it yet. We are at the home though. It's beautiful and clean and nice here. There are 7 children and we've passed the 4 month old baby around. He stares at me like Kara and smiles when I look at him. This family seems much better off than where we were before. The children are dressed well and Mama has been doing beautiful hair all morning.

Mama, doing hair, and Pastor - on the patio

One of the little boys - he was so cute and enjoyed being with us. You could tell that he was pretty used to being around American Christians. He would come upstairs and play and worship with us. They were all such good kids!

Baby David, 4 months old

The beautiful home that we stayed in. The upstairs is where we were and all of us girls slept on the balcony. The guys slept on the roof.

(Side note: The pastors in Haiti seemed to be doing well and I'm pretty sure that is purely because they have a job when most do not. It's purely a difference between having something and having nothing. Plus, we learned through this family that their doors are always open. The church comes to worship in their home at least 2-3 times a week and there are always people coming and going.)
No church today. With the sudden move, we didn't have time. After we got here, we decided to go for a prayer walk. We got about 4-5 houses away and Watson, the translator, said, "What about these boys?" It was amazing! One boy said he's in and out of church. Another said he doesn't have the clothes. The culture in Haiti says you have to dress nicely. That certainly excludes some people. He also had a hang up because his mom is Catholic. Camile and Calvin shared about coming from a Catholic background and how we worship the same Jesus. They decided (4 boys) to accept Christ right there! I cried. God is here!

Our group with the boys

We walked a little further and prayed for healing in a Christian man, and there was a man and woman that want to marry but don't have the means. The man carves wooden furniture without electric tools.

The 3 tools he used to make furniture.

We prayed that God would give them the means to marry, as that was their desire. They put on their best clothes before allowing us to take a picture of them.

These are only a few of the beautiful things he makes with those 3 tools.

Then we walked around the block.

Goats and graffiti are everywhere.

Businesses on the block, along with goats in a pile of burning trash.

We came back to the house, moved our stuff into our rooms and dun dun dun I HAD A SHOWER! YAY!

Now, we're talking/chatting and drinking a coke. :)

This afternoon, the other group arrived. There are 13 of them staying here with us, mostly youth from Colorado. We had dinner and worship service in the streets. Three little girls clung to me during it. They are so sweet. I loved them! They ask what your name is and tell you their names and tell you words for things in their language. One girl stood hugging me through the whole thing and touched my hair and held my Bible.

Mama can cook! The food was so good every day!

Tomorrow, we are doing a Vacation Bible School in the morning, then a prayer walk in the afternoon.

God is faithful and I'm excited to get to do something tomorrow!

Tonight, we're sleeping on cots on the balcony. It's raining and there is a nice breeze. I'm hoping for amazing sleep tonight!

Sleeping on the balcony

I miss Justin and the kids so much! I'm not worried about them. I'm only worried that they don't know that I'm ok. I wish there were a way to let them know. The children remind me that mine are home not hugging me or clinging to me. It makes me feel a little guilty, like I've forced them to give me up, so that these children can have me. God knows!

I'm on dinner duty. That means set up and dishes. I like interacting with the mom of the house. She is a nice woman. It's cool to have a little one-on-one time with a couple of the youth too.

I also met DJ today. I want to find her on facebook and keep up with her endeavors. Tomorrow, they meet with people to discuss land purchase for a church, medical center and school. I'm praying for God's favor and direction there. There is much to do in Haiti.

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